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NEMOPHILA TOUR 2023 -Seize the Fate- (Blu-ray)


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Experience the electrifying atmosphere of NEMOPHILA’s first solo tour, “NEMOPHILA TOUR 2023 -Seize the Fate-,” captured in stunning high definition on this Blu-ray. Journey with the band through 8 cities, showcasing their 2nd album, culminating in a breathtaking final performance at Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO). A must-have for fans, this Blu-ray brings the concert’s thrilling moments and the band’s dynamic energy right into your living room.

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01. Seize The Fate
02. Raitei
03. Enten
04. Back Into The Wild
05. Waiting For You
06. Rock`n`roll Is?
07. Style
08. Adabana
09. Now I Here
10. Instrumental Medley
11. Zen
12. Night Flight
13. Sorai
14. Dissension
15. Soaring -to Be Continued-
16. Revive
17. Oiran
18. Life

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