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ADO – Mars (Limited Edition)

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Immerse yourself in Ado’s stunning debut at the Nippon Budokan with the “Mars” Limited First Edition. Recorded on August 30, 2023, during her nationwide hall and arena tour, this edition features a Blu-ray with live performances, including hits like “Uta,” which topped the Billboard Japan Hot 100 for 13 weeks and was a highlight of the 74th NHK Red and White Song Battle. It also includes “DIGNITY,” the theme for “Silent Fleet,” and “Himawari,” the theme from the TBS drama “18/40 – If There Are Two, Dreams and Love Too.”

This collector’s edition boasts a slipcase hardcover, a live photo book, a B4-sized poster, stickers, shimmering postcards, and a special audio commentary by Ado. The Blu-ray uses Dolby Atmos® technology for a live concert atmosphere, enhancing your audiovisual experience with 24bit 48k PCM 2ch and 24 bit 48k Dolby True HD sound. Dive into all 23 tracks, including fan favorites like “Kazari ja Nai no Yo Namida wa,” “unravel,” “Villain,” and “Buriki no Dance,” and cherish the comprehensive memorabilia included in this lavish package.

Zusätzliche Produktinformationen

1. 踊 (Bon-Odo Remix)
2. 私は最強
4. 阿修羅ちゃん
5. ウタカタララバイ
6. 飾りじゃないのよ 涙は
7. unravel
8. ヴィラン
9. ブリキノダンス
10. レディメイド
11. 行方知れず
12. 夜のピエロ
13. 花火
14. 向日葵
15. リベリオン
16. アタシは問題作
17. Tot Musica
18. うっせぇわ
20. いばら
21. [アンコール] 逆光
22. [アンコール] 唱
23. [アンコール] 新時代

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