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Lovebites Knockin’ At Heaven’s Gate – Live in Tokyo 2023 (Blu-ray)


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Dive into the electric atmosphere of LOVEBITES’ memorable return with their released live Blu-ray, KNOCKIN’ AT HEAVEN’S GATE. This compelling edition captures the raw energy and passion of the first night from their “WE ARE THE RESURRECTION” comeback concerts, marking the introduction of their new bassist, Fami. This event signifies their first live performance in front of an audience since their last show in Osaka on April 2, 2021. The Blu-ray not only brings the concert to life but also includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and an opening video narrated by Mikee W. Goodman of SikTh, enriched with personal band commentary, offering fans an intimate look into the heart of their performance.

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1. Opening (The Five Coffins)
2. The Awakening
3. The Hammer Of Wrath
4. Bravehearted
5. Don't Bite The Dust
6. Stand And Deliver (Shoot 'em Down)
7. Shadowmaker
8. Break The Wall
9. Dancing With The Devil
10. Piano Solo (Ballade No.1 In G minor, Op.23)
11. Liar
12. Judgement Day
13. Nameless Warrior
14. M.D.O.
15. When Destinies Align
16. Holy War
17. Glory To The World
18. End Credits

– Behind The Scenes
– The Five Coffins

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